Been Blessed


      Hi-tech jobs at Microsoft, is what brought two individuals from different parts of the world to the same geographic location. A project in graphics had us cross paths. In spite of originating from lands so far apart- America and India, Dave and I shared a lot of common  beliefs, ideologies and interests. And this is what ultimately, years later, led to an alliance – Been Blessed LLC.

The game changer

      It is often said that the toughest times bring out the best in people.

      Alopecia was one such situation. It was shocking. It made me turn inwards. Among several coping mechanisms and in a quest to heal, I made a reconnection with art. Coincidentally so did Dave. He created a deck of tarot cards with beautiful illustrations.

     Repeated doctors’ visits with less than optimistic prognosis and a steady deterioration in my condition, was making me depressed. I needed hope – hope in the possibility of the impossible – a miracle. It is during that time that I got acquainted with the stories of Sai Baba’s miraculous healings.

Been Blessed

   I also became aware of the condition of children in the foster system and those going through tough situations. Hope, and the possibility of miracles could help them too. This led to the idea of an illustrated book on the life and miracles of Sai Baba. The book made its journey to Shirdi. It has Been Blessed at the Samadhi Mandir – Sai Baba’s tomb stone.

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